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We are Sensitive

To our client’s needs and are fully aware that facing foreclosure is a delicate matter.

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Our team of real estate experts and attorneys provide solutions for even the most complex cases.

We are Committed

To our values and at the core of each case, we strive to treat each owner with dignity and compassion.

Who we Are

CPR Real Estate is an investment firm and solutions company that provides a wide range of services to homeowners, real estate brokerages and investors throughout the US.

We take pride in assisting distressed families experiencing market hardships by providing cash offers. Our objective is to provide homeowners with reasonable offers that provide an alternative to foreclosure and result in the best possible outcome. Every case is different and each deal is tailored to our clients’ circumstances.

We are sensitive to our clients’ needs and are fully aware that facing foreclosure is a delicate matter. We have an unwavering commitment to our values and at the core of each case, we strive to treat each homeowner with respect, dignity and compassion – as we would our own family members.

A market reality is that some properties are deemed high-risk acquisitions, but this will not necessarily stop our firm from placing an offer on the property and then brokering the deal to our network of investors. In other words, although it may not seem beneficial for our firm to place an offer on a particular property, we believe in exploring every possible avenue to ensure our clients walk away with cash at closing.

We make great deals happen quickly

We seek to meet and exceed

a seller’s expectations but remain true to managing expectations by exposing market realities to our clients. Clarity and transparency is at the heart of all our communications.

Our team of real estate experts and attorneys provide solutions for even the most complex cases at no cost to our clients. On cases with set auction dates, we are prepared to invest by covering all legal fees on behalf of our client (even when we do not acquire the property) because profit is not our only bottom line. 

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How Does It Work?

1. Get In Touch

Contact one of our specialists to explore the best solution for you. Here, you discuss all the relevant information regarding your property to the best of your knowledge. Mutual transparency is key to making the deal work.

2. Receive An Offer

CPR will send you a cash offer to purchase your property. This means the property will be under contract, still subject to our due diligence results (Step 3).

3. Due Diligence

CPR will perform due diligence. This includes title search, lien search, property inspection and confirmation of liabilities that were discussed on the phone.

4. Receive Funds

Close on the property and you receive funds at closing.

Disclosure: If we discover unmentioned liabilities or if the property conditions are worse than expected, CPR may need to send you another offer with an adjusted purchase price.

In some cases, CPR may need to send attorneys to postpone auction date to ensure closing (CPR will cover all these fees).

“My husband and I would like to thank Santiago for helping us to sell our home. We didn’t think we would get much since so many repairs needed to be made. We were thrilled to receive more money than we expected. Thank you CPR!”

Marta T.

“I’m so happy that I answered the call from Santiago, he was very polite and he explain to me, step by step, how we can get out of the situation I was in. The process was completed in less than one month.”

Jason S.

“Gabriela reached out to me out of nowhere. I was very skeptical about talking about my situation over the phone with someone I’ve never met. After hearing what she had to say and confirming that I would receive a legitimate offer from a legitimate company, I gave it a shot. I was pleased to find that CPR does in fact deliver. They were able to postpone my auction date free of charge and gave me a fair price for my house in Tampa. This company is honest and gets straight to the point.”

Celia A.

Join Us

We believe in that serving our community and running a profitable business are not mutually exclusive business practices – our organization’s team members, culture and operation are a reflection of that. CPR Real Estate provides quality service with expedience.

Meet our Management


Carlos Mata

Carlos Mata


Venezuelan-born Real Estate professional with international business experience across multiple industries. With a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology, a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and specializations in Neuro-linguistic Programming and Executive Coaching, Carlos contributes to the development of CPR Real Estate’s business operation and strategy. Carlos identifies himself as a man of faith and takes pride in leading the CPR team with Christ-centered principles and values.

Charles Fournier

Charles Fournier

Acquisitions Manager

Charles migrated to the U.S. from France in 2012 to begin his career in Real Estate. As a Florida-licensed agent, he has a track record of helping numerous international clients fulfill their real estate dreams of buying and selling homes. Now with CPR Real Estate, Charles takes pride in serving homeowners who are facing hardship by providing them with viable alternatives to foreclosure. Always committed to put the client’s interests first, Charles takes pride in seeking to meet and exceed each client’s expectations.

[email protected] | (305) 902 3742

Gabriela Fruchtermann

Gabriela Fruchtermann

Acquisitions Manager

As a proud mother of four beautiful children, Gabriela joined the CPR Real Estate team with a value-driven purpose – to assist families in distress. She migrated to the U.S. from Venezuela in 2017 to become a Florida-licensed realtor and provide a better life for her family. Gabriela takes pride in going the extra mile for each individual client and pushing to achieve the most favorable outcomes – even in the most complex cases. She believes in making great deals happen in the most difficult circumstances.

[email protected] | (786) 598 8474

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